An Understanding And Effective Law Firm Guiding Clients In Divorce

A divorce can blindside a person. Or a divorce can seem inevitable as couples drift apart. Regardless, the emotional and financial turmoil may have lingering effects. And the path to divorce is filled with uncertainties as each person must accept that they are now journeying along separate life paths.

But there will be bumps and bruises along the way, and people need a legal ally to help them navigate a divorce. Andrew M. Silverstein Law Office, LLC, in Minnetonka, Minnesota, is an effective and reliable family law firm that has helped clients in divorce and all the issues related to it.

Many Issues Must Be Addressed In Divorce

Clients going through divorce seek guidance and answers on many topics. While married, their lives were intertwined with their spouses’. Now, their lives have unraveled. Mr. Silverstein guides all clients through this difficult time, and will address subjects that include:

  • Child custody and visitation: advocating for parents who want to maintain significant roles in their children’s lives
  • Child support: determining how much money clients rightfully deserve based on the amount of time they spend with their children
  • Spousal support: advocating for clients who may have been stay-at-home parents or earned less money than their spouse
  • Property division: creating plans related to the distribution of marital and non-martial property such as residences, vacation homes, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, pensions and retirement accounts.

Attorney Andrew M. Silverstein is a problem solver who has helped clients for more than 30 years. He will provide you with straight-forward and pragmatic advice.

Free Consultation, Seasoned Advice

Divorce can send a shock through one’s system. A seasoned family law attorney such as Andrew M. Silverstein Law Office, LLC, in Minnetonka, Minnesota, can provide legal guidance. Mr. Silverstein confronts tough family challenges and seeks resolutions. Free consultations are available, so contact the firm or call 952-475-4049.

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