Spousal Support

Explaining And Advocating For Spousal Support Clients

When couples divorce, one spouse may have been the primary breadwinner. That often leaves the other spouse at a financial crossroads, wondering how he or she will make ends meet financially. Spousal support or alimony is the answer, and an experienced family law attorney can help you maneuver through this uncertain time.

Andrew M. Silverstein Law Office, LLC, in Minnetonka, Minnesota, is a law firm with more than 30 years of experience representing clients in spousal maintenance matters including the initial establishment of spousal maintenance as well as modification requests. Mr. Silverstein is reliable, compassionate and aggressive, focusing on clients and getting results they expect.

Factors Considered In Establishing Spousal Support

In establishing spousal support, courts review a number of factors that include:

  • The earnings and needs of each spouse
  • The length of marriage
  • Investments that each spouse brought to the marriage
  • Whether misconduct-related issues such as adultery, abandonment or domestic assault surfaced in the marriage

Mr. Silverstein and his team will listen to you, explain your legal options, and provide knowledgeable and aggressive representation.

Great Legal Advice, Free Consultations

If you think you qualify for spousal support, you need a skilled family law attorney who will advocate for you and seek the best legal results possible. Andrew M. Silverstein Law Office, LLC, in Minnetonka, Minnesota, has helped clients in spousal support matters for more than 30 years. Mr. Silverstein offers free consultations. Please contact his office online or call 952-475-4049.

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